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Lauretta Cundy

Lauretta is a white woman with dark blonde hair to her shoulders. She is standing in front of a plain brown wall and wearing a dark green shirt and thin gold necklace. She is looking to the side of behind the camera and smiling.

Find out how I used my copywriting skills to create the words for Lauratta’s website as part of her rebrand.

Make Social

Carly and Mel are white women, one with shoulder length brown hair mostly dyded blonde and a bright pink hairband, one with longer brown hair. They are seated at a wooden kitchen counter with a llaptop, phones, notebook and mug in front of them. They are looking at each other and laughing.

Carly and Mel of Make Social needed website copy and blog posts to reflect their new vision for their business. Read this story to learn how I helped them.

Claire Harrison

Claire is a white woman with bleached blonde hair, wearing a bright yellow jumper. She is seated at a table in a bright white room. She is smiling at the camera, while her hands hold an open book and pen. There are documents and more pens on the table.

Claire runs a design agency and needed the help of a copywriter to create compelling case studies to feature on her website.

Helen Calvert

Helen is a white woman with brown hair tied back. She is wearing glasses, dangling earrings and a bright yellow shirt. She is standing in a sunny park, smiling at the camera.

Helen is the No Bullsh*t Coach and needed help to separate this from her other business through her copy. Read about how I helped her in this case study.

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