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Helen Calvert

Customer Story

Helen is a white woman with brown hair tied back. She is wearing glasses, dangling earrings and a bright yellow shirt. She is standing in a sunny park, smiling at the camera.

Who is she and why did she need my help?

Helen runs the Clear Day business support agency and is the No Bullsh*t Coach. She’s written a book, hosts a podcast, co-presents a YouTube channel and runs a community with another favourite client of mine.

Focusing on how to treat yourself with excessive kindness and squeeze every last drop of enjoyment from your business and your life, Helen is a straight-talking ray of light. The woman just talks so much sense. 

With the growth of the No Bullsh*t Coach brand, Helen’s offering had evolved and she was looking for separation between it and the Clear Day agency on her website. Although there’s crossover because both businesses are built on similar foundations and approaches, people are likely to be looking for one or the other when they visit her website.

Helen also wanted to get clearer on what she was trying to do with the No Bullsh*t Coach, untangling all the thoughts in her mind and getting them into copy that showed her audience just how empowering what she does is. She has so much passion but wasn’t managing to translate that into the right message on the page.

Where I came into the picture

Helen and I had bounced around each other for a while thanks to communities like Doing it for the Kids and Found and Flourish.

I wrote a piece for Helen’s newsletter and did some work for a mutual contact and when she asked for copywriter recommendations, someone else we both know chucked my name on the list. As Helen put it, ‘my response was basically “duhhhh of course Helen”!’

What happened next

Once Helen had worked through my discovery deep dive, I got going with her copy. I love working with people I already have a relationship with as it makes the collaborative element so much easier. We bounced ideas between us and I could ping questions across for quick clarification as I went. Having a fluid approach like this rather than a rigid process where you only check in at set intervals works so well for both me and the women I work with.

“You need to work with Sam. If you are flailing around trying to explain to people why they should work with you but you just can’t turn your passion into a coherent message, Sam is the copywriter for you.”

Helen’s a perfect example of someone who thrived with my process. Between sending me voice notes from the shower(!) and beating the record for number of recordings sent, Helen loved the fact that I could, in her words, ‘work from all of my ramblings so I didn’t need to be all that clear or worry about if I was saying the right thing.’

Where that left Helen

Today, Helen’s offering is really clear. Potential agency clients can see exactly what they will get from the relationship and why it will be so beneficial. Anyone looking for No Bullsh*t support has easy access to all the options and multiple opportunities to get a deeper sense of Helen’s approach before committing to one of her coaching programmes.

Most importantly, it all sounds like Helen. Someone so forthright and empowering presenting a watered down version of herself on her website was really diluting her message and now it’s punchy and effective.

“I now have a website that properly reflects what I want to achieve for my clients, on both sides of my business. I have words that fit with the inspiration that is inside my head, and I can use these on my social media and in emails as well as having them on the website.”

Our relationship today

Helen gives me the occasional (much appreciated) kick up the backside and has recently featured me as a member of the OEC. I’m also going live in the community next month. And when Helen’s next big thing is ready to enter the world (I’d say book two?), I’m looking forward to writing all about it for her!

“She is friendly, warm, funny, so very helpful and she is extremely talented at turning waffle into wonder and confusion into sense. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Find out more about Helen

If you’re ready to step away from the overwhelm and start living the life you want for yourself, please look at Helen’s No Bullsh*t Coach website. Or if you’re a business owner looking for some behind the scenes support, check out Clear Day. You can also find her on Instagram.

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