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My process

You’re working one-on-one with me, a real person who wants to get to know you (and your business) and make the process as enjoyable as possible for both of us. We’re collaborating to take your business up a notch.

Depending on the work we’re doing, how we work together will look slightly different. But here’s an idea of what the experience will be like for you.

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We’ll start with a chat. That’s how all the best relationships get going, right? I tend to use Zoom (you’ll get the joy of my extremely expressive hand movements!) but if you’d rather a phone call then let me know.

Once we’ve talked through your project and what you’re hoping to achieve, I’ll send over a quote letting you know my fees and exactly what you’ll be getting for your money. If everything looks good, I get some details from you, we sign a contract, you pay your deposit and I’ll get you booked in!

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Now comes the fun bit, the discovery phase! I’ll send over a deep dive worksheet and an exercise to help you identify your brand pillars for your tone of voice. The questions are there to get you thinking hard about your offering, your messaging, your values and your customers. I’m not gonna lie, this bit is hard, so be prepared to put some time in – it’s so worth it in the end!

“My website had needed attention for a very long time and the thought of addressing it was sparking no joy whatsoever. So I put it off and put it off. Until I discovered Sam. Her carefully worded questionnaire brought out who I am and what I stand for so much better than I could have imagined. And before I knew it, she had, seemingly effortlessly, produced the copy of my dreams for me.”

Prartharna Rao
The Maverick Mum

I always encourage people to use voice notes for the tricky questions. Not only does it mean you can get on with it wherever you are (I’ve even had one client send them from the shower!) but it generally frees you up a bit to get all your thoughts out.

Rather than thinking too hard about what you’re typing in a document, you can just chat to me. It’s also great for me as it gives me some concrete examples of your natural tone of voice to work with.

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If we need another call to fill in any gaps, this will happen next. Then it’s time for me to get cracking!

Once the draft is ready, I’ll send it over for your thoughts. You have a round of revisions included to make sure you’re totally happy – there’s always room to make tweaks and finesse anything that doesn’t sound exactly like you.

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When the copy is finalised it’s time for you to pay the remaining fee and tell me how much you love it (everyone has so far, look). You’ll also have a two-week window in which I’ll happily proofread it in place, making sure I catch anything that’s gone a bit wonky when it’s been uploaded to your website for instance.

Then all that’s left is for you to bring in loads of clients with your fabulous new copy and to tell everyone else about me!

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“Sam was a joy to work with! We didn’t ever feel like we were asking too much and she was always ready to answer questions. We particularly liked the use of voice notes to convey thoughts. We were also really impressed with the way she picked up with our graphic designer. It meant the process was a whole lot easier (and quicker) for us.”

Nicola and Theresa
Happy Tums

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